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Equipo Humano Emisora Sol Stereo

En tamaño real 1600x1200 / 136.8Kb
890 1 0.0

Añadido 03/Abr/2012 solstereo

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Ah The pics look so fabulous (- Dave, you are quite the phorogtapher!) I miss it so much already and miss everyone so much already! I have many many many photos and would love to share them. I think I'll set up a flickr page with them on, and then post the link here so people can take them as and when if that's the easiest way to go about this? Thank you millf3n de veces (is that right?!) for such an unforgettable trip. Again, please. Oh and I hope everyone got home safely! Lara Flanagan x x x x x(laraflanagan@ymail.com OR )

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